Brooklands Circle Statement on COVID-19

14th March 2020

Dear Brothers and Ladies

In light of the continually developing situation regarding the Coronavirus, I have given the whole issue the most careful consideration and taken into account the comments and opinions from Brothers and Ladies together with medical advice from friends and relatives who are senior medical professionals and from colleagues at the pharmaceutical company where I work.

By far the overwhelming majority of the feedback from brothers, including many private emails and messages to me, was that they would not feel comfortable attending public gatherings.

Therefore, it is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I am writing to let you know that I feel it is prudent to err on the side of caution. Hence, next week’s Circle meeting and Ladies Social along with the 3 end-of-year social events over the weekend of 28/29 March will not take place as planned.

Believe me when I say this decision was not taken lightly. I would like to thank you for your valuable input on what has been a difficult day for The Circle.

While I understand that views on this matter vary greatly I would appreciate it if we could respect the decision and keep any discussion cordial and productive, rather than judgemental. The decision has been made in the most extreme and unprecedented circumstances and if it saves only one person from suffering it is worth it.

On a related note, if anyone requires advice setting up Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or any other video conferencing tool to help keep in touch with friends and family, please don’t hesitate to ask Elaine or I – it’s what we do on a daily basis and have done for 20 years!

Keep safe!

President Mike