Attending church is about more than prayer. It’s about community and every Sunday following the 9:30 Mass at All Saints Church, many of the congregation retreat to the Parish Centre next to the church to enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits and catch up with friends.

These refreshments are organised by members of the congregation on a rota basis – a rota made up primarily of ladies. Not very politically correct in 2019 but hey, that’s the way it is.

A couple of weeks ago, as President-Elect of Brooklands Circle I was approached by one of the ladies and asked if The Catenians would be able to organise the refreshments (for which read make and pour out the tea, coffee and orange juice, put out the biscuits, wash and dry the mugs and tidy up the Parish Centre afterwards) on March 31st because in the UK it was Mother’s Day and it would be nice to give the ladies a break.

“Of course” was my reply, not only to give those hardworking ladies a break but also because Catenianism involves providing support and help to the community. It also provided us with a chance to raise the profile and visibility of The Catenians – a marketing opportunity if ever I saw one!

A huge thank you to fellow Brothers Ged, Andy, Carl, Bruce and Dave and to Graham who due to personal circumstances could only be there in spirit. Also a huge thank you to Lady President-in Waiting Elaine who designed and produced a table card for every table in The Centre wishing all the Mothers a Happy Mothers Day from all the Brothers in the Brooklands 196 Circle.